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Free Doctor Who Games

If you are a fan of free games, science fiction and the Doctor Who series I have some really good news for you – The BBC are giving away four free Doctor Who games completely free of charge and that’s not all!

Doctor Who is a hugely popular family entertainment television show produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom.  As a public service broadcaster the company provides its service free of charge and the new Doctor Who games are no exception.

Doctor Who Adventure Games

doctor who daleks

Image of Daleks Courtesy of the BBC

The first game in the adventure games series features one of the Doctor’s arch enemies, the Daleks.  In this first free adventure game, the TARDIS has transported you back in time to the year 1963 and you must travel to the Daleks home world in order to rescue the last survivor of the human race, the doctor’s beautiful assistant, Amy Pond.

The second game and subsequent games will feature other foes from the Doctor’s vast array of enemies, such as the Cybermen.

The first game is available for download now and the other three will be released over the coming weeks, but before you go off to follow the download link let me tell you about some of the other free Doctor Who games that are available.

Other Doctor Who Games

The BBC are also making a number of Doctor Who action games available such as “Save Paris”, “K9: Deja Who”, “Into the Vortex”, “Security Bot”, “Flight Simulator”, “Clockwork Quest” and “Black Hole”.  But wait, there is more!

If you prefer strategy games well there are some of those available too.  You can try your hand at Daleks vs The Cybermen, Attack of the Graske, Odd Escape, Sonic Decloaker, or Dalek Breakout.

Finally, if that isn’t enough for you ,or you prefer your games to be more mentally challenging you can try your hand on four free Doctor Who puzzle games, or one of the eight Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle games.

So why is the BBC giving these games away?  Well, as part of their remit as a public service broadcaster the corporation hopes to “encourage the family to gather round the PC or Mac in the same way they do the television” said Simon Nelson, head of the BBC’s Multiplatform in Vision Department.  This is part of the drive to increase computer literacy in the UK.

All of these downloads are free and not available anywhere else on the net.  Please avoid the “free download ware#” type sites out there as unfortunately some of the games have been found with virus and trojan additions and remember the BBC is the only reputable source of these free Doctor Who games downloads.

BBC Website

BBC Doctor Who Games Free Download

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