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Do you still enjoy WoW leveling?  I have levelled every class in Warcraft to 80 and now that Cataclysm is increasing the level cap to 85 no doubt I will be doing the whole thing again.  In my own case, I enjoy seeing the new content and going through the levelling process faster each time.  Paying for professional powerleveling services just isn’t an option for me.  I can’t see the point in paying for someone else to play a game that I pay a subscription for.

Making WoW Leveling Fun

When you first start playing any game, levelling is fun as you are learning the game as you go and watching your character grow.  The thing is that content is never as fresh as when you play it through the first time.  How can you level a character to maximum level several times and keep it interesting?

If you play alts, then no doubt the second character you progress to maximum level will get there much faster than the first one.  You get to know that some quests just take forever, or make you do a ridiculous amount of travelling and so you avoid them.  Some quests require you to take things to a quest giver that can be gathered on another continent, yet if they are already in your inventory you can just hand them over and get instant XP.  This kind of quest knowledge speeds up the rate at which your character gains experience means that you level faster overall.

Finding a Good Power Leveling Guide

WoW Leveling guide by ZygorOf course some people just want to level quickly and don’t want to go through the process a few times in order to learn the special quest knowledge themselves to enable them to powerlevel their own characters.  For these kinds of players there are many levelling guides available.

I have personally used James horde levelling guide, as well as the one by Joana.  I have also tried TourGuide, QuestHelper and a number of other addons to increase levelling speed.  In game addons are generally much better than using a website to get your information as they don’t require the endless alt-tabbing to switch between the game and the information you need, but any guide that gives you a direction arrow as well as in game descriptions of how to complete the quest is awesome.

The reason that descriptions are necessary is that sometimes the quest area you need to get to is underground or upstairs in a building and Warcraft waypoints only work in two dimensions.  If you are blindly following a GPS type direction arrow then sometimes it will be pointing to an underground cave or similar and leave you totally confused as you run around on the surface.  A good guide will mark a waypoint to the entrance and then describe where you need to get to once you are inside.

Another thing to look for in a good levelling guide is that it can be adjusted if you are levelling faster or slower than it is designed for. Many guides, even paid ones, don’t do this.  This leaves you either having to grind, or fighting endless green mobs for low XP just to get the next quest in the chain.

Warcraft Death KnightNo matter whether you are playing a pet using class like a hunter or a warlock, or a class that is just plain tough like a paladin or a deathknight, there will be times when fighting mobs higher than your level will slow you down.  Similarly not every rogue likes fighting green mobs to ensure a quick kill.  If you are playing a healer specced priest or druid then most likely green mobs will be all you can handle.  (To be honest, if you are healing specced then a respec or a dual spec will help you more than any guide, but some people like levelling as a healer.  The jury is out as to whether this can really be called “power leveling” though.)

Whatever class you play, look for a levelling guide that will allow for these kinds of differences.  Who knows if your favourite class will get nerfed in an upcoming patch?  Although you planned on using a druid levelling guide, you might find that your next character will be a mage and the play styles are very different.  Any decent guide should be capable of being used for any class

WoW Levelling Guides – Some Advice

Have fun.  Sounds obvious, but no matter what, this is a game.  The reason you are looking for a guide to level faster is to reduce the time taken to get to maximum level, but there is a lot of content you will be blowing through.  Missing that content might actually reduce the fun you can have and that is no good thing.

Don’t powerlevel your first character.  Warcraft has a lot of great content.  Enjoy the journey, at least the first time you play.

I personally level with a lot of self installed, third party addons these days, but some people don’t like installing addons and my own UI would scare some people.  Designing a UI is a subject for another day though.  If you want a simple solution that will enable you to have an in game levelling guide with minimal fuss then you should try Zygor’s Guide.

Zygors WoW Leveling GuideZygor’s leveling guide is available for alliance and horde.  It is regularly updated after each content patch so it is always relevant and it adjusts to any class played, at any level.  It installs just like any other windows program so if you installed Warcraft you can install this no problem.

If you are looking for a simple to understand wow leveling guide then Zygor’s Guide is one of the best.

Download Zygor’s Leveling Guide – Click Here!

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